Hello, I am Marshall Main

ˈmɑrʃəl meIn

Professional Creative with a background in Cinematography and Client Satisfaction. Sound good? Keep Scrolling to learn about who I am!

Photo by Jenna Pimentel
About me

I enjoy creating something

Highly experienced production workflow specialist with over 20 years of expertise in varied roles in the creative process. Possesses knowledge and experience in coordinating and managing budgets, creative solutions, and supporting successful project delivery on over 1000 projects. Demonstrated senior team management and collaboration with diverse departments towards achieving successful project outcomes. Read my latest User Manual.

What I do

From understanding your requirements, designing a blueprint and delivering the final product, I can do everything that falls in between these lines.


Good leaders know they dont always know everything. I empower my teams to be successful through development and utilizing their working genius.


Outside the box thinking to deliver something exciting within scope and budget constraints.


Working Genius Trait: using intuition and instincts to evaluate and assess ideas or plans. I ask hard questions, forward think to navigate a road to success.


Working Genius trait: derive energy and joy from pushing projects and tasks through to completion to ensure that the desired results are achieved.


Managing Teams
20 years
Camera Work
15 years
14 years
UAS Flight hours (PIC)
55 hours

My Experience


Nexstar CBS 17

Commercial Production Manager

Manager of commercial production for the CBS17 WNCN as well as the life style show My Carolina


Creative Solutions [SmallHD]

Director of Service deisgn integrations

Senior leadership role unifying multiple brands post sales teams into unified Agent experience and company process workflows.



Field Research Photographer/ Pilot II

Field based Real Estate Image and data gathering using UAV and photographic equipment.



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Directing and Storytelling

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